Kurt Roeckx's journal

Getting frustrated by Google
29th March 2012

I recently started working on a webshop called e-webshops which mainly sells e-books. If I want to attract customers there are various things to do so that people can actually find you. So I started using various services from Google, looking at my results in queries and things like that, and noticed that some queries didn't return the expected results. One of the problems is that I can spell and a lot people can't, and Google doesn't consider the words to be synonyms. The proper way to spell e-book in Dutch is either e-boek (preferred) or e-book, but lots of people write it as ebook (or eBook). I of course use the preferred spelling everywhere.

So what do I do? I contact Google asking them to make them synonyms. Almost 2 weeks later I get a mail back from someone that doesn't seem to be getting what I'm asking for, so I reply back. Finally after an other month I get a mail back pointing me to a blog post, which suggest posting it to a forum or tweeting about it. I don't think either form is good way to contact a company about such a thing, which is why I contacted them by email in the first place. I have strong doubts that the right people would actually read all the forum posts. How hard can it be to forward an email to the right people?

At the same time I have various other problems with Google, like things that don't work as advertised, broken documentation links, incorrect documentation, no way to contact them about the topic you want and you need to select a random other one, asking me to rate a help page I visited that day and then give an obviously broken URL, and a whole bunch more.

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