Kurt Roeckx's journal

6th December 2012

For the e-webshops site I run I started implementing iDEAL because we have a lot customers in the Netherlands. iDEAL is a standard used in the Netherlands to do online payments.

We needed to open a bank account for that in the Netherlands, so we did that with ING in October. It first took them a month to reject us, stating we needed to register our company in Belgium. Of course we're already registered, we couldn't be in business in the first place if we weren't. After pointing them to the government website it seems to have sorted itself out a few days later.

So once we were approved I could actually start to test the software for iDEAL. It uses XML sig which I think is a horrible standard. Once I started testing it I directly ran into a problem. They give me an error back saying that the signature wasn't valid. So I contacted them about 2 weeks ago and have yet to get answer back that's useful.

So far it went like this:

So I'm now back to step 1.

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